IFL Team Scoring

The scoring should be changed. 2 points for a KO,TKO or a submission. 1 point for a decision, and 0 points for a no-contest. This would make for the exciting team getting the win. A team with 2 KO's would beat a team that got 3 boring decisions.

Wrestling team scores reward 6 points for a pin, 5 for a tech, 4 for a major decision, and 3 for a minor decision. The goal of wrestling is getting the pin, therefore you get more of a reward for the pin.
Think about it, a team gets three decisions could still lose if the 205 and heavyweights get knockouts. This allows fighters to go for the knockout to win it for the team. The goal of a fight is to finish an opponent by KO or a submission.


anyone got vid clips of the 1st IFL show?

Anthony...it's this weekend. That scoring makes it pretty cool. Any idea
on the financial bonus for the winning team?