IFL terrible ticket sales

"It took five years and 44 million dollars before the UFC started making money."

Aha, now we have an actual dollar figure bandied about. I wonder if that money has been recouped by the UFC? 

"Aha, now we have an actual dollar figure bandied about. I wonder if that money has been recouped by the UFC?"

I'd say that they've probably made a lot more than that over the last few months.

that was dripping with sarcasm TG--i'd guess that amount has been recouped 10 to 15 times over.

i m sure they will go bankrupt in the next 2 years.

Meltzer just was on the LAW radio show.

LAW radio: How was the attendance of the IFL show on Friday (Jan 29)

Meltzer: I heard 5000 but I would guess 3500 from being there. But most of it was papered. I heard no buzz about it at all. The team concept is a tough sell. They have a long, long way to go getting their concept over.
I don't think people care about the coaches. In boxing, people don't care about the cornermen.

If the have a great television show, they can be a real slayer.

I've been to IFL, UFC, WFA and KOTC shows. The IFL puts on on eof the
best bshows I've been to.

But, the more I go to ANY live shows, the more I relize I'd rather be at
home watching. better view, more comfortable, do whatever between
intermissions or boring fights etc...

IFL puts on a great show, Oakland probably was not the best venue but they pulled it off anyway. Team concept is great has sort of a high school meet feeling to it, definately makes it more fun to watch live. Did not hear one boo all night which is pretty rare for an mma event these days. Hope the IFL succeeds I believe they take care of ALL the fighters, not just a chosen few .

"The IFL puts on on eof the best bshows I've been to"

LOL -- IFL shows are not even close to a UFC or Pride event.

i would go to an ifl show...i dont think its ufc level but when u get fights like jeremy horn vs matt lindland that could be a title fightin any big show how can u complain?

Everytime I've fought, the shows were PACKED. I don't understand ticket sales, but I understand butts in seats and they were there. Every show has been on fire. I think people are too hasty to judge a fledgling company, one which by all accounts is giving a phenomenal showing of itself. Wait and see, and definitely go to a show.

When I started this thread, it was to try to understand why an organization would paper the stadium....the public company thing really makes sense....its more about perception then reality...

Is that something they would have to disclose? Any brokers out there???


Bobby--they disclose revenues from shows in their public filings. 

From February 1, though September 30, box office receipts were $452,000 according to their filed 8-K.  Doesn't tell you number of paid tickets, but you can get an idea.  Certain states Athletic Commissions will also provide this information.

Interesting as well--the suit with Zuffa was indeed settled.  Someone asked about this a while back--I apologize--couldn't find the thread, but this is also from the 8-K. 



From time to time, we may be involved in litigation relating to claims arising out of our operations in the normal course of business.  We are not aware of any pending or threatened legal proceeding that, if determined in a manner adverse to us, could have a material adverse effect on our business and operations.

We, two of our officers and two IFL employees, had been named as defendants in a civil action filed in Clark County, Nevada by Zuffa, LLC seeking unspecified monetary, exemplary and injunctive relief. The complaint alleged that IFL and its officers and employees misappropriated the plaintiff’s trade secrets and intentionally interfered with its business relationships. In October 2006, the action was settled and all claims and liabilities relating thereto were released.

I don't think they are getting any money at all from Fox, if there January 8-K is still current, which listed the material terms of a preliminary agreement.

·                   During the FSN Initial Term, IFL would be responsible for all production costs of each Program.

·                   IFL would also be allocated a limited amount of advertising time on FSN during each Program.


For the Mynetwork broadcast, looks like they are getting:


During the MNTV Initial Term, MNTV would pay IFL $50,000 for the initial telecast and $20,000 for the second telecast of such program, with the amounts increasing in subsequent terms.

·                   IFL would also be allocated a limited amount of advertising time on MNTV during each telecast.


Though, it looks like they are working on a Digital Media content joint venture with Fox, which calls for the IFL to give Fox 4,800,000 shares and warrants to acquire additional shares.  Fox would make a payment of $6,000,000 to the IFL.  I wonder if this part of the deal was finalized after they raised money in the offering.  Not a bad move to tie in the network though.

Digital Media Rights Joint Venture and Equity

·                   Fox and IFL will form a joint venture to manage the digital media rights to all IFL content in perpetuity.

·                   Fox would acquire 4,800,000 shares of IFL common stock, par value $.01 per share (the “Common Stock”), and a five-year warrant to purchase 1,500,000 shares of Common Stock at an exercise price of $1.25 per share.

·                   Fox and/or an affiliate would pay IFL $6,000,000 in cash upon closing of the transactions described in this Current Report.

·                   IFL would grant Fox demand and piggyback resale registration rights with respect to the shares of Common Stock, including those issuable upon exercise of the warrants.

what are the TV ratings like, because ticket sales really mean nothing in the big picture. Do they do better ratings than Pride on FSN?

Macedawgg, that info goes along with what I've been reading. Those big tv deals don't even begin to cover the IFL's operating costs.

No disclosure about ratings in the filings, though I think that statement by Havocc is incorrect.  Strong ticket sales with no TV, and show could still survive.  TV ratings and ticket sales will likely move together, up or down, as interest is generated, or not generated.  They seem to agree with this as this was one of the risk factors mentioned--TV and live attendance were discussed together.

So Mace more importantly,what is your opinion of the current value of the stock in light of this info and that trademark infor you previously posted?

Yeah Mace, Is it a Buy, Sell or Hold? I hope they make it but I would Short this stock if it was an option,it reminds me of a (>2000 .com) evaluation. Current market Cap is over 450 mil, WTF.