IFL to Add 4 More Teams

Just read on MMA Weekly that the IFL is adding 4 more teams, Kurt Otto said that we arent going to beleive who the coaches are.

That is awesome.

Full 12 team League by January. Who said the IFL wasn't going to make it?

They are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down what so ever.

Wow, jobs for 60+ fighters.

IFL is fucking great for the sport.


Dam and we just finished the guards for the Wolfpack,Dragons,Sabre's and Razorclaws Today.

TTT for the IFL great for the sport IMHO

Great news.

ttt for the IFL


Predicted Coaches/Teams

Jeremy Horn (Salt Lake)
Kevin Randleman (Columbus)
Dan Henderson
Mark Kerr (Denver)

IFL is awesome. I can't wait for the Moline show!

I predict Rickson.

A southeastern team would be nice!!!!  ;-)

I think that Wes Sims should get a team....;)

I think there should be an ATT team. Maybe a New Mexico team w/ Jackson's too.

Is Frank Shamrock still going to coach a team?

Yeah Frank actually IS a coach for one of the teams fighting next weekend

We need Egan Inoue, Charuto, or BJ to train a Hawaii team for this!

ttt for IFL and gladiator mouthguards ....awesome gear

Ringside baby!

If Henderson is a coach we'll probably see guys like Heath Sims, Buck Meredith, Art Santore...let's see, who else?