IFL Vault; unique knockout- SCHULTZ VS HORODECKI 2



Man, I forgot all about the IFL. I saw so many of their events live.

i did a training camp at team quest in 2003 i think it was.

matt lindland bought in ryan and wanted him to fight mma,

ryan was a lot heavier than lightweight and was still very strong for his weight.

he must of been a nightmare at lightweight.

bj penn was also at the camp, it was entertaining watching him spar with ryan.

ryan was a really good guy, i have some great memories from those days.

I got the chance to roll with Ryan back in 2004ish. He was fucking super fucking strong.


One of my favorite highlights of all time... I didn't know much about the IFL at the time... But I had just gotten into this sport and seeing this really opened my eyes for some reason!!! VTFU Phone Post 3.0

That was a great fight and finish. It was nice to see Ryan get that one back.

Ryan competed at 170 a few times if I remember correctly but 155 is his best weight class.

Spent years training together. One of the best guys I know.


Edit: Thanks for the video link. Always nice to remember the old days...

went to 2 IFL shows

gret stuff vu

Brutal finish.

I remember Chris being one of the next-gen stars, looked like the 'milky bar kid' but could fight! That was like beatdown that your big bro gives you/you never recover mentally from.

@ OP - Great upload, man!

I liked the IFL. Phone Post 3.0


it was a position he used in training often, he said

i expected that move to become very popular after that, but it never did

and in 2007 horodecki seemed like he was going to be a top 10 lw eventually, but he fizzled out