everyone on here when the ifl first started and even a lot of people now are talking about how what the IFl is doing is bad for MMA.

if that is true...

how come so many pro fighters have so much positive stuff to say about what the organization has going on right now?


Great fights but for some reason I don't care at all about the team spect of it.

the fighters aren't just saying that the IFL is taking care of fighters though. they are saying that what they are doing is great for the sport.

I have been to 3 IFL events and I think they are great. I really like the team side of it. My team is the Lions. They are not going to make the playoffs but they have some great fighters.

I've always liked the IFL.

Nuff said.

If they had not gone public (selling stock, where would they have goptten the seed money?

I agree with TheBadger

Where marquee mathcups may be lacking...the IFL's tream concept is a
foundation on which they plan to add. Rumor has it that at the end of
this season there will be a Grand Prix (which means another chance for
winning fighters on losing teams).

they put on a fun show, it was a good time

I read about a GP as well I thought I heard 185. Radach by mauling...everybody.

"but seriously it seems like the IFL is great for there fighters , but the
idea just isn't drawing interest"

Oh really?! Although everyone wants to downplay the ratings of the
MyNetwork show which usually come in around 0.9 or so, it translates
to about 1 million viewers every Monday night. NO INTEREST? Then
the replay happens on Saturdays and again 0.8-0.9 another million
viewers! And that doesn't include the viewership of the IFL on FSN on
Fridays! NO INTEREST?! The event Friday in Everett Washington just
outside of Seattle was close to if not a sellout with nearly 7,000 sold
and the rest comp. It set a new Washington state record for
attendance at a boxing or mma event. NO INTEREST?! It's just a matter
of time and the renewal of the MyNetwork contract with continued
support from parent company FOX means it's only going to get bigger!

Nuf Said!

We went to the show in Oakland and it was decent...Not a lot of people though. The IFL cards I've been watching on TV over the last couple of months are getting better and better...I hope they make it.

its funny how everyone changed their opinions. I was on here after the first episode. everyone flipped out over the thing about someone going home in a stretcher.

I have been watching the IFl for years. I am talkin... back when jeremy horn used to fight on it and dan severn and everyone. old school.

It needs to be live.

It would improve tremendously if it had a live show. I still watch it but it lacks the excitement since I know how the fights end before I see em.

I think it will get bigger and not fade. I really like that they take care of the fighters.

The IFL is drawing in record breaking crowds in some of the towns where it's holding events. The difference is that it's holding events in towns where MMA is little known of unknown and the TV ratings are growing all the time, so much so that they will be adding more shows to the existing ones.


A live event would be cool.

The IFL will survive a long time!

the event I went to had its up downs...Rothwell and Bart had huge KO's that excited the crowd but the Silverbacks clinched 3-0 leaving the next two matches before the main event as a little bit pointless...then Horwich/McGivern put everone to bed