igor bully/toughguy

igor quote:

"I was very active in streetfights, and would become tremendously excited. Sometimes i became very aggressive, which was dangerous for my fellow villagers."

i cant picture igor ever being some toughguy bully. how long ago was that?

Vovchanchyn? Zinoviev? Dr Frankenstein's assistant?

cmon man, vov, you should be ashamed for not knowing that quote

laurels? they are edible?

I can't picture him as a bully either. Seems like a levelheaded guy.

Like alot of cool guys, he may have been a cocky SOB in his youth.

You guys must have heard of the Igor village bell?

An angry Igor is a danger to small communal villages.


I can picture that. Villagers running from shelter at the sound of the "IGOR BELL"

LOl @ at the villagers being scared. Reminds me of Frankenstein.

Guys, the story goes whenever Igor got mad, someone would ring the village bell and everyone would go hide till Igor calmed down.

Sounds like Igor grew up in some 16th century village.