Igor “Ice Cold” Vovchanchyn turns 40 years old.

June 8, the president of the Ukrainian Association of Martial Arts "Oriental"

Igor “Ice Cold” Vovchanchyn turns 40 years old.


What is he doin these days? Phone Post 3.0

Happy Birthday Igor Vov!

Damn, only 40? Killer Phone Post 3.0

I'm gonna go ahead and say happy birthday because I'm afraid of what might happen to me if I don't.

Fucking beautiful picture Phone Post

BadMon - 

i thought he was born August 6th.  Check sherdog and wiki confirms that.


are you sure about that?




No. This is a mistake. Igor yesterday celebrated his birthday.

One of the scariest heavys of the dark ages Phone Post 3.0

Happy Fortieth to my most favorite fighter ever.


TSGIGOR, thanks for keeping up informed of a true living legend of MMA from the NHB days! Big fan of Igor from the Kiev days! Great pic too!

Possibly my fave fighter of all time.

And OP pic is vintage/classic Igor.

Kombat in Kiev was awesome Phone Post 3.0

In for a legend Phone Post

Happy birthday for the true hw goat Phone Post

Feliz cumpleaños Phone Post 3.0

thanks Igor!!

Igor Vovchanchyn is one of my favourite fighters of all time

Happy Birthday Igor! Phone Post 3.0

S dnem rozhdeniya!!!

Happy 40th to the Little Elephant !

Definitely one of the greats. I'm still pissed that he got shafted in the GP.