Ilia Topuria, Tai Tuivasa made most of UFC 264 limelight

Ilia Topuria, Tai Tuivasa and Sean O’Malley had notable nights at UFC 264. Who impressed you the most and who are you most excited to again soon?

Tai for me

Dude has great leg kicks, and he said on an interview that all his fight camps will be in America from now on, which is good to hear


Definitely not O’Mooley.


As someone with small pecs I was astonished how O’Malley seems to have zero pecs and wondered if that contributed to his lack of KO power.

Ayo floppy tai did it bro!

Fucked big boy up, Greg definitely has never been kicked that hard before ha,and I knew it was a wrap after the third big kick


Hell yeah! I was worried when Greg stung him but happy when he got overzealous and ran into his own demise.


Meant to reply to @Tits_Santana lol

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I think it has more to do with him not being planted for most of his shots.