I'll be in London, help me out!

Guys, I'll be in London for one week 28 sept - 4 oct. I'll be at the Cage Rage show, go to a Tottenham game, train at RGDA and maybe attend the DLR seminar. Any other events that take place in this period of time? Including gay parades... of course. Do you know if Roger will be teaching classes at his academy?

tudor, I'll try and find out for you (Roger in London), JSho should be able to tell you.

I know he is getting ready for his MMA fight in Nov but not sure how much of his prep he is spending in the UK.

Even if Roger is not there you have great Black Belts teaching there and a really good facility.

You should try out a class at London Shootfighters while you're there. Tuesday nights from 7:30 - 9:30 I think. It's an experience!

Of course, training with Roger or one of the barra bb's is going to be an experience as well... but there's a different flavor at London Shootfighters.

Also - if you're looking for places to go out, eat etc let me know because I like getting all nostalgic about the ol country.

Karl Tanswell

Nathan Leverton

train at london fight factor - two Brasa black belts head the classes or head for Master Bjj led by jacare calvalcante Black belt- roger brooking.

From memory i thought Roger gracie was spending the leadup time(3months or so) at Renzo's in NYC.

Have fun!!! Its a great city!

Roger's site says he's in NYC training for Don Frye.

Which is too bad, since I'll be in London in two weeks and it'd be great to train with him again. Does anyone know who is teaching? Felipe and Jude?


You would be very welcome


Roger is in NYE but I hope you come down to Roger's academy (given it is this week you mention) - Jude and Felipe are teaching and other than Braulio i don't think there are finer teachers in the UK imho..

I had the pleasure of attending a Felipe seminar a few months back. It was excellent. I rolled with him twice, and both times (after tapping out after 10 seconds), he corrected me on some really basic errors I was making. To me, that was worth more than anything.

Felipe is one of the two best teachers I've ever had (Mauricio being the other) and shouldn't be missed.

What's the Saturday class like at Roger's and how much is it these days? I haven't been down in ages.

Theres a BTT branch in London too, seriously there are loads of schools in London to choose from all of which are top notch...

Saturday class is normally really good. A good turnout and the opportunity to hang around afterwards and roll some more if you want.

Should be some really good sparring at the mo as people will have been preparing for the ADCC qualifier.

3 till 4.30/5 on the saturday.

There used to be a really good "double" on Saturday at Tokei Wrestling club.

There would be a 1.5 or 1 hour BJJ class run by a BTT affiliate which would then be followed immediately by a really good wrestling class.

3 hours of pain baby!!!

IMO The best place to train in London on a Saturday is The Budokai Judo
Club in Gilston Road ,Chelsea,London SW10 at 4.30pm.

Sometimes 40 Blackbelts on the Mat ranging from Club Blackbelts to
Olympic Medallist's and British Judo Squad members mixed up with
Mundial Champions and ADCC champions.

Where else in the world can you train on a mat like that?

"Sometimes 40 Blackbelts on the Mat ranging from Club Blackbelts to Olympic Medallist's and British Judo Squad members mixed up with Mundial Champions and ADCC champions."

Roger's away so its 'just' Olympic Medallist's and British Judo Squad members ;o)

CGJJ is of course correct, worth going to the budokwai just to train under Ray Stevens imo.

There's some place in Royal Oak as well that has a rep for hard BJJ sparring, but the name escapes me ;o)

There was a Saturday recently at The Budokwai that saw

Kenzo Nakamura-Olympic Gold and World Champion Judoka

Ray Stevens-Olympic Silver Judoka

Winston Gordon-Olympic Medallist Judoka

Bobby Rich-British Champ Judoka

Roger Gracie-Mundial and ADCC Champ

Braulio Estima-Mundial Champ

Vitor Estima-Mundial Champ

And various British Judo Squad members as well as many more Judo
Black Belts and assorted BJJ fighters.

1 Hour Tachi-Waza

30 minutes Ne-Waza

I don't think there are many Judo Clubs in the world with such a
progressive outlook as The Budokwai.