I'll take Dos Santos in a SN bet.....

30 or 60 days,blues only with 1000 posts...anyone interested??

It's going to be difficult to find a blue to take your bet with exactly 1000 posts.

It doesn't need to be exactly 1000...lol, the post count is just trying to make sure the bet is with someone active so they see the name.

NightHawkBonedMyPride,I'll take it...30 days sound good? Though I don't think I'll be able to make your name any worse.

DSaint -  Out of pure curiosity, why does the post count matter?

 If he makes a bet with Skander nobody will see his screen name. 


NightHawkBonedMyPride - Im down for 30 Phone Post

30 it is....good luck

ok...my son says you should be,

you have been named by an 8 year old

HAHA...awesome man,well done

ILike2EatPoop -  I'm a man of my word and unfortunately I'm also 0-3 now...

That you are my friend...I am now 2-2 on SN bets and 0-2 on cash bets...Im no good at picking fights usually.