Im afraid Rich pressing action....

could be his downfall in this match.

I know his conditioning is world class, but he keeps on saying "IM gonna make this an exciting fight" "I throw as many punches as I can".
It totally works with his overwhelming style to put the other guy at a pace that he simply can't handle and a pace Rich is used to.

Okami has shown to be very lazy on the standup and puts the onus on the other guy to come forward and then shoot or counter. Then grab the upper hand on top position and grind out a win.

I hope Franklin does what he needs to do to win the fight, and not what the TV highlights and sponsors want him to do. What I mean is, understand that by NOT PRESSING EVERY SECOND OF THE FIGHT is ok and he shouldn't be goaded into OVER-AGGRESSION.

Ok, now Rich just said in his interview, I need to stay patient and not get overzealous.
He addressed the very concern I was mentioning above.
PLEASE stay on gameplan Rich!

Okami just could win by brutal beat down :(

Okami could not really damage Swick from top position, I'm not sure he will be able to do much damage to the larger Franklin.

Okami would likely win by dec against Rich. but I'm sure hte ref will stand them up to give Rich a chance to KO him in order to please the crowd.

Franklin can win and lose MANY fights based on strategy. It's part of why I'm a fan. He has all the tools, but needs to use them in the most effective manner possible to be champion again.

I think its a good fight but the thing I keep hearing is guys comment on Okami's strength. I have a feeling Okami is going to be surprised/commenting on Rich's strength.

Two Huge 185'ers who are used to sort of being the bully/big guy in every fight they take at that weight. Interesting to see what happens when they meet each other.

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