I'm back and I'm black.

I'm back and I'm black!

I've always wanted to say that!

https://flic.kr/p/ouvkFW Phone Post 3.0

The UFC App! https://flic.kr/p/ouvkFW

Have you been spending some time in the sun recently?

lmao. That's funny. How's your leg healing? Phone Post 3.0

According to your Wikipedia page, you're 8th degree black belt in BJJ. For real?

Nah I'm a third degree Black Belt under Carlos Machado. LOL 8th degree... Awesome... That's what happens when you go black I guess...


PS. The leg feels great... It feels like it's never been broken


Gonna make another run in the UFC? lol and your WP page does say you're 8th degree under Rigan

good to see youre still around!

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Lol nice. Did they label you as Anderson too? Phone Post 3.0

My brother. Phone Post 3.0

Any size difference since the conversion?

Bed a few OGers wives now did ya? Phone Post 3.0

Word of warning. Avoid selling cigs in NYC


Elvis! I watched you beat Mark Epstien at CR19  - I have a question mate - was the Australian Vale Tudo full on no gloves, headbutts, soccer kicks Vale Tudo? Or was it just some Auzzie pansey version with 18oz gloves and submission by feather tickles? Do you have any video? And what was the experience like. And now you are significantly faster and more explosive would you perform better?

Kirik - 

Looks Brazilian to me.

Are you hanging out with Miley Cyrus too?


I used to enjoy your pre-fight predicitons-wat happen?

Of course they are from Oz~

You know I've always said you we're the black Anderson Silva Phone Post 3.0

Back to the forum or back to fighting?

Still have the diamond python?