I'm Disgusted!

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One second, Let me find a violin... 

Why, you gonna shove it up your butt? Phone Post 3.0
Lol Phone Post 3.0

DanHendersonsDentures - I loved the fight predictions tonight. DC "Bisping will win this fight because its not for title contention."


Did DC really say that? LMFAO!!

Give respect to get respect.

Bisping has 'bad blood' with every other guy he fights because he doesn't respect ppl and he goes too far and rubs ppl the wrong way. Phone Post 3.0

Bisping=Gatekeeper4Life - I'm disgusted in the total lack of respect fellow UG'er Michael Bisping gets around here. The threads that have been appearing on the UG regarding who he has beaten and who he hasn't beaten are a disgrace. The lack of respect is shameful.

It looks like his eye will never be the same again but he still puts it on the line for our entertainment. He may never be champion but he has proven time and again he deserves to be in there with the best.

The fact that mods allow this to happen is also disgraceful. Phone Post 3.0

Boo hoo, sandy vadge. Phone Post