webpage removed due to pervs..... :)

getting married? Geez man, I am sorry to hear that.

lol... dont worry this is good news... maybe not good news for the ladies though

congrats man

congrats Tim I will see you in class at ZUMA very soon.

Chris Peak!


Welcome to other side.

My wedding day? Best day of my life.

Piece of advice: Pick one or two things about the wedding you actually care about and leave the rest of the decisions to your wife. Trust me, she's been thinking about this day a lot longer than you have and you're best letting her have 'her day'.

Me, I wanted black tie and I wanted to be married in church. The rest I let my wife decide (with opinions from me whenever she wanted them, always with the caveat that it's her decision).

Another piece of advice: Expect things to go wrong. They will. The biggest disasters are going to be the things you think back on and laugh about, so take them in stride.

Last piece of advice: Stag party WAAAAAAYYYY before the wedding. My buddy, drunk as an ass, thought it would be funny to turn the golf cart rather sharply, thus propelling the groom to be out onto what he though was grass but turned out to be asphalt. The day before teh wedding. Groom had road rash all over his face for his wedding pics. Definitely leave enough time to heal between the stag and the wedding.

Have a great time!

ya thanks no worries about the stag by the way.. already did that .. already healed the scars on my face. while completely gooned i tried to breakdance in the parking lot, i think it was the worm that scarred my face the worst..

lol @ breakdance wormy face-plant.


"WTF? Some friends you have."

yes the beauties of the internet..i managed to delete those before the wifey saw them.. no biggie ... the website hasnt been used for a good month maybe 2... was getting a little boring.. so thats why i posted here to add some fun, as the site is not really in use anymore..

though it would have been nice if there wasnt the "funny guys". thanks big jim dobson for you support