I'm getting ready to watch

Rites of Passage, not "Never Back Down"

I watched that last night actually, enjoyed it a lot (being a big Inoue brothers fan). What year was that made?


2003, according to Amazon.com

You can get it on DVD.

2002 TBone Films

Thank you very much. Off-topic: FightinMD, were you able to train much during medical school? I'm starting medical school in the fall and am curious. Thanks.

I'm about too watch IVC2 the vale tudo turny where Wand Silva has a war with Artur Mariano in the finals!

TTT 4 oldschool mma!

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............... All I did was train. Sometimes even twice a day.

Go into Radiology and you can have time to fight MMA!!!

They say you can't cram for med school, but you can. Just takes a few days longer.

Awesome news, I've been out of training for a couple of months due to knee surgery and I don't like the feeling haha. I don't think Radiology will be my thing though, right now I'm leaning towards Family Practice with Sports Medicine fellowship or Physiatry with the same. My goal is to do some Sports Medicine specifically catering to combat athletes, but who knows what will happen in the ~8 years before I get there. Thank you.

Yes, I was all about the scalpal at first.

Words to live by:

"Never sacrifice lifestyle."

You'll be a Radiologist after you see the "Big Picture".

Haha I agree, that's why I'm looking towards non-operative (aka non-orthopaedic) sports medicine. In terms of lifestyle, I've been intrigued by emergency medicine lately also (no call, 3 12-hour shifts a week...whole lotta free time). Who knows though, maybe I'll follow in your footsteps after rotations and all that.

Before I bought it from Sherdog I do recall. just the Inoque bros, Vale Tudo piece and the Monster and the Wolf piece being on PPV. The other parts I did not see until I bought it on DVD

"""just the Inoque bros, Vale Tudo piece and the Monster and the Wolf
piece being on PPV""""

i remember they showed it after a ufc paperview back in 2002.

Hey FightinMD, thank you for sending me a message. Unfortunately, I can see that I have it but I don't think I can read it without a blue name or what not. If you still have some advice you can just copy it over and send it to acathe08@providence.edu if you want. Thank you again.