I'm glad the judges don't hear Rogan

It was almost hard to understand him during the Cowboy v Benson fight, because his words were mumbled by how much of Bendo's dick he had stuffed in his mouth.
I normally love Joe, but he gets way too lopsided in his commentary during some fights, and as many have found in the past, watching a fight a second time with the commentary muted, you get a really different view of the fight.

Not that the judges are perfect, that Cahel Pendred decision was some major horse shit. Phone Post 3.0

Ya on mute the decision makes a lot more sense. Phone Post 3.0

Siver could have ninja'd the round on 2 take downs and winning the first half of the round.

Siver? Phone Post 3.0

BKViper - Siver? Phone Post 3.0
Silver Phone Post 3.0