I'm gonna put 200$ on Hendo....

 Best odds I've seen on the net so far are 5.5/1 but some bookie I know is giving me 7/1 odds.

i hope you don't need the money

Why is Jones distracted?

kanotoa - Odds are much better than 7/1 that hendos big right hand will connect and KO Jones. Don't forget Jones is distracted now.

Win or lose Hendo will not be intimidated and will either land the H bomb or lose swing for the fences. That is a dangerous opponent for anyone.

Haha put ur money where ur mouth is then big guy. Let me guess u probably dont have any. Phone Post

MeeRevO -  Pics or gtfo Phone Post

 I haven't placed it yet but lol... because bookies give you a receipt when you place a bet. Won't happen like that in Canada bro.


Yea I got the same odds (5.5). Was hoping to average out to even larger odds though close to fight time. The guy is my friggin ATM.

Id lay down $100, if getting 7-1

ChemdogChronic - i hope you don't need the money


ChemdogChronic - Why is Jones distracted?

Thinkin about his next fight Phone Post

I'm doing the same thing but I'm only getting 5-1. I'm dropping $200 on this also. Good payout if the bomb lands. Phone Post

AussieMayhem -
ChemdogChronic - Why is Jones distracted?

Thinkin about his next fight Phone Post

Thought he was referring to the DUI charge. Phone Post

Tranny Yarbrough G(ayest)OAT - for everyone betting, wouldn't it be a bigger payday if you bet on Hendo winning Inside Distance? because there is no fucking way Hendo wins by Judges Decision, so you might as well bet on Hendo winning by KO/TKO

 I can see this fight going the way of GSP/Serra 1.

This is real life. You must mean in person Phone Post

Im doing the same!! War Hendo! Phone Post

Im throwing 100 down Phone Post