Im gonna retire, thanks for all

Frank Shamrock is after me.

I dont know what else to do.


Phil B


Frank you are dead fagot!


fucking stomach dropped...

now i can't stop laughing...



Please retire that fool, Phil.

LOL. Hammer House rocks!

TTT for Phil vs. Frank. Loser should have to resign with the UFC.

damn you got me!

Hell yeah Baroni!

Hey Phil, you wanna come to Nebraska and go Turkey hunting?


Uhhh...Phil Baroni is not allowed to say the word "retire"...even when talking about someone else..

Sucks to be Frank Shamrock now that he has the NYBA on his trail, his days are definately numbered.

NYBA, best eva!

WAR BARONI! Knock him the fuck out Phil.

P.S. dont retire.

Phil hate to brake it to ya bro but this dickweed/has been will only fight for astronomical amounts of money and.... oh ya, this has to be your first fight. That kind of excludes you. You know just as well as I do this guy is only doing this shit for publicity.

Thread has legs.

Please NYBA don't hurt 'em!

Actually, on second thought yes hurt him.

Come on Phil, go turkey hunting with me.

Maybe I missed something, as I just logged in...So I don't get the joke here...

BUT...I don't like your thread title Phil...Please say you are NOT retiring!...


Hehe, Derek Tomcheck is correct.

For the record, if you do manage to get a matchup with that all talk dude, I hope you beat his face in Phil.

I hear Frank is talking rematch with Shannon Ritch. Oh, the "fight" did happen, K-1 2001 in Vegas Superfight.