I'm Gonna see this. Oh yes.

Has potential. Plus I liked the original.

oh shit

I'd watch this. However I must be the only guy alive who thought The Unforgiven sucked.

What? Sucked? Sheesh. Did you like Pale Rider better?

I liked all of Clint's other stuff better.

I thought they forced modern day sensitivities into The Unforgiven...I remember thinking how all the characters were so overly sensitive and touchy-feelie for the era it was supposedly representing. Men only one and two generations ago didn't talk about their feelings, and in the Old West they were even harder. I just had a hard time buying the characters in The Unforgiven sitting around discussing their feelings and fears so much and being so effected by "killin' a man". In those days people who deserved it were strung up by a rope in the town square for all manner of men women and children to see. I don't think they were too hung up (see what I did there?) on taking out people who deserved it.

That said, I haven't seen it since it came out. I may just be talking out of my ass. I've been thinking I should watch it again to see if I had a brain-fart when I originally watched it...it's entirely possible.

Best Western ever? The Outlaew Josey Wales.

Second best? Once upon a Time in the West.

I like tombstone!

That's my favorite modern Western fo sho.

Now Doc and Wyatt are two guys I could buy having those deep and sensitive conversations because of the personality of Wyatt and the intellect of Doc, and their relationship.

if they remade that samurai style... might be pretty interdasting.


then again, if you haven't seen "the hidden blade" yet, and you like samurai movies. it's one of my top 3

Oh yeah, that was on my list after I saw Twilight Samurai.

For Moke.

Gonna see this too.  Man I need to make time.

every scene. epic

after watching 'the hidden blade' trailer (haven't seen the movie, yet), I clicked on the thumbnail for "Yamada: the samurai of Ayothaya.' turns out it's the whole movie. not going to watch it all now, but the 1st 5 minutes or so seemed awesome. anyone seen the whole flick and wanna offer a review?

have not watched yet kc.  might not ever watch. i dunno. made in thailand. by thai. for thai. eeesh

don't haze me bro

Thais are cool

like the Uchinanchu

Finally saw the samurai unforgiven.  Was good, almost a carbon copy.  Same story line, minor differences in characters and ending.  Thanks to Dragon box, I will look up many more movies I missed.

Dragon Box? Is that a KODI thing?

want to see!

I have a weakness for Dragon Boxes but I'm taking a break from Chinese women for now. Phone Post 3.0