I'm having a show in June....

In June I'm having a show in Illinois. I've been meeting with State Representatives and I've hired a lawyer in order to go forward with my show. As many of you may know, it's been somewhat of an uphill battle in Illinois. I'm willing to spend the time , risk, and money to go forward with my show. I've incorporated the name "Courage Fighting Championships." It's a Mixed Martial Arts event. "Not Ultimate Fighting"!!! If your a fighter and would like to be treated as the athlete you are, email me with your background. I'm working on the card now. Or Feel free to call my gym and speak to my wife Shelli (event coordinator) She will take all your information down as well. Thank you. My Gym number is 217-429-2BOX.

Would it be ok if I called just to talk to your Business Manager :). Good luck with your show, if you need anything this way, just ask.

Tim Hernandez


Hey Jason good luck I have some fighters my e-mail is

Jason, I will email you this weekend. Tony Ross Integrated Fighting tross@indy.rr.com

jason, where in illinois?

Jason, thats good shit man you know TEAM WISEMAN will ready fight!

Will someone please bring MMA back to the state of Illinois


I will email you soon. I have some fighters that would love to fight in your show. They are all MFS guys too! :)




Good luck, hope you get it unbanned.

Thanks Guys A lot. I opened a school full time in my hometown. I've always wanted to do consistent shows. I love this sport and it's my life. One thing is for certain.. I will always take care of the fighters. No mickey mouse bullshit here. Jason reinhardt My gym number is 217-429-2269 thanks again

Good Luck Jason if you're ever looking for women on your card.......I'm willing!