Im in Spokane Sat plus weed vs cigs (scientific)


I'm at 10TH PLANET SPOKANE this Saturday, then the next weekend I'm at the MIDWEST TRAINING CAMP at 10TH PLANET SPRINGFIELD. Then on May 19 at Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles COMBAT JIU JITSU Returns on the U of MMA card. On May 25 I'm at 10TH PLANET MELBOURNE then on the 26th I'm at KMS in SYDNEY. On Saturday June 1 come celebrate 10th Planet's 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY at Bardot in Hollywood. Denny Prokopos vs Justin Rader SUBMISSION ONLY on June 15 at MIDWEST SUBMISSION CHALLENGE in St Louis. I'm at 10TH PLANET MEXICO CITY on June 22. Go to the NIBIRU forum at for all the info thank you for the support!


Right at the top of this video is a scientist talking about the sceintific results of weed vs cigarettes, fascinatiing :)

Only 3 spots left :) Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0