I'm In (The Police)

It's Brad from Shah's. Just wanted to let all the guys know that at long last, the Toronto Police Service has hired me, and I start training on Monday. Woot!

Great news Darb, congrats!

Good news, good luck at OPC.

Good stuff Brad. Congrats.


Congrats man! It's nice to see people their achieve goals.

Word of advice: Be very polite to the kitchen ladies at the OPC ;)


Great news.Let me know when you bust a drug ring i`ll buy the BLOW from you.



"No offense meant, but doesn't T.O. hire cops right out of high school, with limited education?"

A goal is a goal regardless of education! If my goal was to become a garbage man, and I got hired by the city as a garbage man I'd be achieving my goal, regardless of my education.

His goal was to become a cop and he got hired on therefore


No offence but a grad degree in this day and age means NOTHING. I do a bit of hiring, and the number of people who come to me with degree's, but flunk when I test their basic professional writing ability, business sense or technical ability.

The worst is those guys who have a computer science degree yet cannot pass a basic logic modelling exercise, or even in some cases, put a few lines of code together. I have some very good guys with a degree, and some very good guys with none. Its a real mix.

"No offense meant, but doesn't T.O. hire cops right out of high school, with limited education?"

No offense taken - and they might. I have a university degree however, as well as a professional designation and some college education. All that, with volunteer experience, and it still took me three years almost to get the job. So, maybe they do hire people right outta high school, but I sure wasn't one of them!

And LOL @ MDF...

well done TTT

Congrats Brad!

Congrats!! What district will you be in?

Glad our streets are a little safer....

PS - was I really going that fast officer? Sorry :(

hi Darb, congratulations. Can you please send me a quick email at kriskaysre@hotmail.com just have a few questions for you as I'm being processed for December's toronto's class.

Kris - Sent.