I'm just watching for Pat Smith at this point

Go Pat Smith! Winner of the 1994 Savate Challenge, ranked number 4 in the world by the WKC.

That is why he is gonna beat Butterbean

Sabaki Challenge

The first striker to learn submission in UFC

" Sabaki Challenge"

LMAO@ me

 I'll shoot in my pants if the bell rings and he immediately launches a flying kick at Butterbean. Especially if he brings back the silver jumpsuit.

I hope he comes out w/Ken's red "Street Fighter" gi.

i am too, the only thing that keeps me watching is Pat/Butterbean...these fights are just terrible...the tournament is basically a handful of wrestling matches..whoever gets the takedown wins..its almost like it isnt even a fight..

Butterbean better recognize Pat Smith's ability to not feel pain

 Only reason I was watching it to begin with.  I'm jacked about seeing Pat...hopefully I'm not let down :(

 "hopefully I'm not let down :("

lol, I think you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Pat Smith looks nothing like himself in the banner ads ive been seeing for this event


He's on!

I predict broken ankle.

 Holy shit at Pat owning Butterbean in boxing!


 lol @ that fight


Beans down hes down

Really? I'm not watching. I couldn't imagine that.