im new here

and i posted a question and it went straight to the end and now its not even here,,what happen .wheres is someone to go if you have question on crosstraining in MMa is this the wrong forum?

UG rule of thumb: If someone makes a post that reads "I am new here" 99% of the time they are trolling. This may be a 1%er. In that case, ask your question and if it is untroll like I will do my best to answer and keep your thread up until you can get other good and/or better responses.

mma questions should not be posted here cause this is the UG.

Man, if you are new here, leave now, while you still can.

fatherof3 there is some other sites besides this one but you can ask the pro's from mma for help and they usaully help you out in great detail and it wont be just one pro helping you it could be 100 pro's so your at a good place.Here's other sites ironlife/ hope this helps.

lol mike

a newbie must start his trek on the many other forums on this great UG. its the only way to survive. build up your forum survival skills then come back to the UG

thanx are the man...

Welcome fatherof3! Don't mind these guys, they are always like this, pulling your leg & torturing new people is just one of the many fun things to do, LOL!!! You will be addicted to this place......... very soon.


you want your post read, just the title with either

" when Royce looses" or " when Yoshida looses" you will get all the attention you want.

MIKE AT RGTV is correct, just scratch the "when" and place an exclimation point at the end.


welcome bro!!!!!!!

everyone started with 1,000 post never just 1