"I'm not happy."

"I haven't been happy all day. . . Do you wanna be a fuckin' fighter!?"

What were some other good quotes from season 1?

"I had a dream that God was yelling at me, but then I realized it was Chris Leben."

LOL, the "I wish I had a beanie" line was great.

"Diego, the aliens are coming!"



I dont remember the words, but Diego's WWE lines gone wrong when he challenged Karalexis were hysterical.

Hilarious pic.

bonner and forest, as they proved in their fight, are good tv

ungay the thread

<img src="http://www.points2porn.com/x/08_cdeab/12.jpg"

Thank you Max Power. That was very much so needed.

LOL! I forgot about the Southworth weight cutting situation.

Season 1 was awesome.