im pretty sure you will find this funny

Ok im 17 and this shit just happened to me it was pretty interesting i think it makes me a asshole ow well but i thought id share this with my family of brothers and sisters on here lol so here it is guys.

how bout a girl i fucked a while back just called me and was like ur clean right im like huh? what do u meen shes says u dont have any stds i told her no why she said a guy i been messing around with said his friends think he got an std and probally got it from me ... i was like what?!

the next words that came out my mouth were fucking EPIC!!! I said did you have sex with him b4 or after me? she said after. i said ""ow thank god" and then hung up the phone on her.

this shit just happened to me guys no longer then 5 mins ago

haha, that story is funny. it's sort of like the story my friend told me when he said "WRONG FORUM ASSHOLE"

take it to the OG