im sick of it

i know this thread has probably been done to death, but i havent been on in awhile....Why all the hating on mir??? He got sylvia in an armbar and broke his arm, and the fight was called. A broken arm isnt a valid reason to call a fight? Sylvia is lucky the ref stopped it, if he would have let mir continue with the arm bar, sylvia's bone would have probably broke threw the skin. I have seen alot of refs call a fight when a fighter is in a submission and is too proud to tap.

it was obviously a good stop by the ref. sometimes the adrenaline is pumping so much you can't fee injuries till after the fight. i think some people just feel mir might not of deserved the shot yet.

I have to admit at first I was pissed about the stoppage. Then after seeing the replays and considering Sylvia's adrenaline and factor in his pride I really feel Herb Dean did the correct thing by calling the match.

Mir is the champ end of discussion. Tim was beaten but I'm sure he will be back.

Arloski should be next for a shot.

Congrats to Mir on a big win but I can see why people don't like him. His constant smirking and rolling his eyes makes him come off as a dick.

No Hate Here!

Great win for Mir. If you do not tap then your joint gets snapped.

Both guys are tuff as nails and Tim will be back.

Mir is sick in submissions, especially for a big man.

Great win Frank.

PS. Thanks for the picture and autograph

Krazy Mike

Agreed! and there is no controversy at all...

Frank Mir=UFC World Heavyweight Champion not to mention an extra few thousand for the WIN!

No hate here.. I am a fan

I dont like Mir because he is too cocky, seems like he is high on his own supply. I do like Arlovski though and I like the fact he is going to make Mir his beatch.

I always liked Mir. I picked him to beat Sylvia but Arlovski is gonna kick his ass.

"I always liked Mir. I picked him to beat Sylvia but Arlovski is gonna kick his ass."

my thoughts exactly!

No, Arlovski is NOT going to kick his ass.

Well, I met Mir after his fight, he walked up the steps by us and stopped to sign autographs and chat a little. He carried himself very well. Was a super nice guy. Just my 2 cents.

As we watched we all said it was a bullshit stoppage. I even said "he's just flexible" but once we found out his arm was broken we changed our tune. I like to watch Mir work his submission game but I'm not a huge fan currently. But I certainly have nothing against him. My guess is that Arlovski will take the belt next.

I agree. I think Mir will have trouble with Arlovski. I thought he would have more trouble with Sylvia. But the MMA fight game is a funny business. I wouldn't mind seeing a rematch of Mir/Sylvia at some point. Mir/Arlovski really needs to be the next HW fight for the UFC. Hopefully they will get some more quality HW fighters. I hope that Arlovski isn't put in a situation like Chuck ended up in.