I'm So Confused Right Now

Is Joe Lauzon fighting Parisyan this Saturday??? Is this thread a joke? No one answered me on there so hopefully you guys can shed some light. Thanks.



they already fought. it was glorious.

of course it was a joke... maybe joe will beat karo at cutting weight, that's about it...

"they already fought. it was glorious."

Stop confusing me! lol What's going on??? Why is there a thread called "Will J-Lau Beat Karo @ UFC 78"??? Kirik, ban someone (not me)!

You are correct.


Yes.. they are both fighting this weekend

Joe is fighting Jsaon Reinhardt from Pat Mieltich's Camp he's 18-0 but has not fought the quality fighter Joe has fought He's 5"6 37yrs old

Creepy is fighting Karo and Jason Saturday night @ 2 different weight classes.

Sadly, tomorrow at the weigh-in he has to weigh in at 170 first and then he will have about 15 minutes to lose the 15 pounds to make 155.

Didn't you see his "185 to 155 in 48 hours' thread? Why do you think he is so high?

Bro...do you know what I could to to these guys bro?

Joe is fighting Karo and middleweight because he is just too big for welterweight.


Great fight. Joe's really improved.

Glorious indeed.

I was lucky enough to see this fight live...FOTY y'all, for real! Glorious indeed!!!

How hard is it to go to UFC.com and look for yourself? Instead of coming on here and asking knowing that everyone who responds is going to give you a smartass answer because you are too lazy to go look for yourself.

Well, Dave@Accutest, oftentimes when a fighter pulls out at the last second, the UFC's website is not updated immediately, if at all. I apologize if I caused you any terrible inconvenience for a simple answer. slits wrist(s)

Your right often times when a fighter pulls out UFC.com is not updated. But the joke of Joe vs Karo is months old.

What IS the joke? I'm so lost. lol