I'm starting a Team Ortiz!!

Here on the UG.

It seems alot of Tito Ortiz's true warrior fans are getting jacked (I know I am!) and others are being converted almost daily. I feel this board is really in need of a team to throw the "fans of the split-lip" off the board.

Get ready for TitoMania MoFo's!!!

I'll join and have no problems saying I am a Tito covert after watching him on TUF3.

Who needs chicken and Steak when Tito is in your corner!

I know you are Shane, I remember you from the Tito Ortiz website (I think that was you). This will take almost nothing to take off.

I have no problem with someone with some clout like xshanex (hint hint) being our president. He'd be perfect actually.

I just think we need an organization to shoot back at the Shammycan-fans.

This team needs to represent that which is great in our sport. It needs to represent honor, integrity, hard work, a willingness to learn at all stages of the game, loyalty, and this is what I think is most important, how to be humble. I think the last one is where team Shamrock (Ken espetially) goes wrong.


What your team needs is more Spaghetti and crying....

Kane Trojan

Team Shamrock


Ortiz is a BAD MOFO!

5-1 baby, 5-1.

Halter tops for all!

See, at Team Ortiz we don't need to spread blatant lies about Team Shamrock nor Ken himself. We simply sit back and let the fools burry themselves while we calmly use our superior skill and intellect to finish the already underway funeral of one Ken Shamrock and his lackey?s.

I'm thinking of starting a "Daily IQ Update" on Team Shamrock. Best I can tell it's around 67 today. Only 33 below average, good job guys.

RHM meant to write:

"As a representative of Team Shamrock, I welcome you and wish you the best.

Please don't mess with us, we have nothing left but the internet and a sunkin ship.

Love me mommy.......Love me".

This is no contradiction paste eater, best I can tell it is 67 today, this is a fact based on evidence available.

Good night sir!

JoPe, RHM called you on an obvious mistake, you claimed you didn't need to bash Team Shamrock, then went on to bash us in the VERY SAME sentence!!

You are overworked and confused, clearly you need a day off, if you were on my team, we'd give you the day off because we are humanitarians. But we are also warriors, you monkey bitch! So come ready, we will beat you to a living death!! (living death IS in the dictionary BTW)

Kane Trojan

Team Shamrock (Shamrock Intelligence Agency)

I wanna join Team Ortiz. Ken will look a lot worse after this fight than the last time they fought.

Oh JayRoc, when will you learn?? You joining team ortiz just proves that it's a safe haven for those not good enough for TEAM SHAMROCK!!


Also, team ortiz doesn't call itself team ortiz, it calls itself team punishment, team (anal) punishment

this is why you jerkbitches fail in life...

sign me up.......

at least tito fights for the freedom of mma and all that stuff.
oh and i love how he bruised kennys head last time they fought, you killed kenny...you bastard!

eric....why the change of heart?

good point. ken is a mental case imo.

I would like a nomination for "Head Researcher of Phrenology"

Well if you want to get rid of Team Ortiz, just start a Team Lidell