I'm still a fan tjmitch...

That was an awesome fight and I was rooting for your boy. Fortunately Cerrone is an awesome guy too. No shame in dropping one to him. Those front kicks to the solar plexus were nasty.

I will always continue to watch Jim Miller fights though.

I'm a fan of TJMITCH's old mullet haircut Phone Post 3.0

What do you mean old?

I didn't realize there was another forum available for me to discuss TJMitch's hair game. I'm in. Phone Post 3.0

He jumped the shark and got a respectable haircut. Probably showers and wears deodorant now too.

I won't stand for it! Phone Post 3.0

Sad times. Cowboy is tough, but beatable. Jims biggest problem is he is easy to game plan against. He is going to just come right at you full speed and try to end the fight. A guy like cowboy has the tools to deal with that. I would prefer JIm be more patient and look to set guys up , get good angles... but his philosphy is fucxk that, Im here to fight not screw around.

Now he has to go back into the middle of the pool and swim to the top again.

And my hair game is , was, and will always be top of the food chain.

Initially I thought it coulda ended up either way, but like you said, Cerrone had a specific gameplan and because of his superior reach, the outcome odds were in his favor. I like Miller's attitude regardless, and like watching him fight and will enjoy watching him fight his way back up just as much as fighting for the title. More highlight reels to come.

tjmitch's hair had superior reach Phone Post 3.0

Yeah, a nasty striker with a big reach Phone Post 3.0

Those knees right down the middle every time Jim closed the distance were brutal, and you could tell they out those into cowboys game specifically for this fight

I still had him winning rnd 1 Phone Post 3.0

wait somebody fought somebody? where?