Imagine PPV Buy Rate of Penn 155 Title/Ret. Fght?


So basically..Dana respects(?) Penn too much to forcibly retire him ala Forrest.

And Penn is still at least saying he's "game."

Which, given Penn's last two fights..AND the fact that he CARES about his legacy...I'd be inclined to believe him.

At LEAST give him the benefit of the doubt.

So given all this...isn't the BEST solution.

An immediate title shot at 155/45 for Penn....followed by immediate retirement. ?

I think it's the only way to handle it.

Here's why.

Penn..fought fucking Rory McDonald to a 170. This is a young man who could walk around at 205 lean, with no problem. A MODERN MMA elite, a future champion most likely.

BJ..fucking PENN..from back in the day..fought THAT kid to a decision in his LAST fight..and he wasn't even TRAINING. I swear the Penn that fought Diego, or Florian would have put up WAY better (won????) fights against Dian and Condit.

Given that...maybe..just maybe..with the right match up at say 155..he can get that title again..on the right night. One more or lose ..Penn KNOWS going in it's his last fight???

How can it not be memorable?

How can you NOT want to see that?

Now can you NOT give THAT to Penn?

He deserves it.

And seriously...I could market that story past 1 million PPV buys from the UG..and I'm just a guy.

Everyone is respected..and everyone wins and it really is the best COMPROMISE from all positions.

I think..

I'd just like to see Penn fight ONE more his HIS weight. One last fair fight.

(Where Penn doesn't screw himself because he will literally fight ANYONE. Like Penn said...if HE was in GSP's position..we all know we'd have seen the "Silva" fight by now.)

Dana...make it happen.

BJ.....not getting any younger..and really nothing left to not go all in?


*Diaz and *McDonald

I don't know why I said "condit"..probably because they were supposed to fight?

CRMartin11 - BJ Penn vs Joe Lauzon make it happen

that would be a shitty thing to do.

are you aware of that?

And that would be sense having Penn fight a contenders fight..

He really doesn't have anything else to prove...and we know he isn't likely (young/motivated enough?) for a significant string of defenses.

so why play around?

Just say...

Okay...I wanted him to retire. HE didn't. So here's the thing. Penn is fighting..ONE more time. Period. End of story. Regardless of outcome. For the 155 or 145 title (his choice.)

It's a "legend retirement" fight.

Are you related to Thaiguy by chance?

Nah...Im a highguy though. That count? Phone Post 3.0


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Plus..are you read to see how much of a fuck im about to give. ?

here it..

Motivated Penn vs TJ Grant would be the best title fight ever

JD? Phone Post

This may be the dumbest thread I've ever seen.

Dude, you couldn't market this fight to 100,000 people, let alone 1,000,000. Lololol and you're just a guy? Are you fucking drunk? Phone Post

Only thing I got from the OP's post is: why are you WRITING like THIS? It's kind of SILLY.

I do not want to see BJ fight a contender.

I only want to see him fight for the title.

I would LIKE to see BJ FUCKING PENN fight MOTIVATED and at 155 ONLY! An immediate title shot may be NOT A GOOD IDEA.

Give him a fight against a guy outside the top ten. If he wins convincingly, give him an auto title shot Phone Post

I want to believe Phone Post 3.0

the islander - 

Give him a fight against a guy outside the top ten. If he wins convincingly, give him an auto title shot Phone Post

If i am not motivate to see him fight a contender. i doubt BJ will be either.

I wish they just give him one more title shot. If he wins he retires.

Perfect end and deserving end to his career.

Ever notice how BJ always picked the hardest guys to fight?

that is what he needs to get motivated.