Impetigo on my face

You usually see it on little kids but I got it. Doc says I probably got it off the mat; ie. kids train there after school and either don't wash their hands after using the bathroom or pick their noses etc. Medically it's the stepocaucus bacteria (ie. strep throat) that manifest on your skin. It sucks. I look like a leper (4-5 quarter size leazons on my face). I'm on high dose antibiotics, steroids, and special cream and it's still spreading and very itchy. I'm done training for a while because it's really contageous.

Major Bob

I got that too a few months back. Antibiotics cleared it up in a few days, but make sure you finish the course whatever happens.  Everytime you touch your face, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.

That sucks, man. Good luck!

Oral anti-biotics did nothing so the Doc shot some anti-biotics in my arm and gave me some more powerful pills. It's finally clearing up 14 days later. This was much worse than any ringworm I ever had.

Major Bob

Impetigo can become reoccuring. Impetigo is a form of herpies. I would go to a dematologist as soon as possible.. Bactraban is the best topial cream that you can use to clear it up. BUt you need to go to the doctor to get a prescription..

I would also recommend to cover the affected area before you go to sleep,otherwise it can spread all over you face and head. I had a horrible case of it a long time ago.. A few guys got it from either dirty mats or some A$$hole that didn't stay of and came to roll anyway.