In Iceland for April. . .

I'll be teaching in Iceland for the rest of April, so most likely wont be posting, or returning e-mail until I return.

If you drop me a note I will get back to you as soon as I get home.

Luis and Mike will be checking the forums, so please make sure you give them a hard time.

have a great Spring! : )

Fantastic trip. . .awarded 3 new blue belts, and awarded 3 new SBGi Instructors. . .Bjarni, Arnar, and Jon Gunner. All of wom have done a great job building up their Gym. As such we have moved the Iceland Gym from ATG to an SBGi Gym and training facility.

SBGi Iceland is a fulltime professional Gym now. They do a great job coaching stand up, MMA, BJJ, and the entire SBGi curriculum, and they care a lot about their members. I am proud to have them represent our Organization.

Two of their main Coaches Arnar and Bjarni will be back in PDX for a few more Months of training in a few days (Arnar was in Portland for much of last Year), and we are all looking forward to torturing them cough I mean training with them here : )

I will be returning e-mail and phone calls this week as I just got home last night.