Info on 4th Intl BJJ Championship?

Can someone from the west coast please post any info on this event. I think today 12/4/03 was the Gi Competition. Tomorow No-Gi. Im especially interested in the Black Belt division.


Today was the gi and yes tomorrow is the no gi. It's being held at Costa Mesa High School and the superfights start at 3pm. go to for more info.

Gracie Girl


Any word on the 8 woman tourney?

C'mon West Coast folks PLEASE post an update!!
Have pitty on us we are snowed in BAD over here!!


ttt for Rick T

Yo Croft What Up Bro!!
Say Hi to the boys at MSD. Im so VERY BUSY working that OT and dealing with our Northeast climate. I will try my damnest to get in there for a tuesday workout soon, need it and MISS IT. Tell Chris and the boys I send my regards. Missed ya at the Ryron seminars. I do know that college students have BUDGETARY I$$UE$ from time to time, and we have to make choices. Maybe next time. All the Best!!


Train safe, BUT TRAIN!!!!

Hey RIck -

$$$ issues kept me out of the seminar, but I'm having fun rolling with MSD. I have finals going on right now, so my time is taxed bad too. Hope to see you sometime soon!

Take care,

Good Luck with the finals. C-Ya Soon!

Good Luck with the finals. C-Ya Soon!