Info on The Crow: Wicked Prayer

I have been looking for info on this movie and I haven't heard much buzz about it. Will it be released in the theatres? Will it come out on DVD? What is the release date? They should be marketing this movie to the Spike TV, and MMA audience. I am willing to give Tito the benefit of the doubt when it comes to acting. I have not seen his acting yet, so I may be pleasantly surprised. Does anyone have more information on this upcoming release?

The first Crow movie with Brandon Lee kicked ass!

If this movie is anything like the other sequels then no thank you.

Maybe Tito's character "Famine" will add something to this film that the previous sequels did not have. I am looking forward to find out.

Last I had read it was straight-to-video and Tito only had 14 lines total.

But I did a google search and according to the Crow-crazies on this site, it could be a theatrical release.

Thank you for the info RingGrrl.