Information Anyone Know??

I know a guy Named Doug...

But that really doesn't help because in Canada, everybody knows a guy named Doug...


Bill Thompson is a great Judo player, won nationals and has competed all over the world. The man is a monster. Beat Nicolas Gill at nationals when he was just a teenager and was rewarded his black belt for his efforts. I have not been active in judo for a bit but I know he used to train out of Windsor. I think he have trained at Metro Fight Club as well. The man is an animal.

You're welcome for the smart ass comment... :)

I have plenty more if need be !


loaf...sup..glad to hear things are going great for you...hugs to you...ahh fuck it no hugs for you :)


We don't answer questions around here unless a photo is attached!

It make me think, last summer i was on vacation in California and when i told the guys i trained with, some said HEY YOU'RE FROM CANADA DO YOU KNOW A GUY NAMED _________ ? Some people think everybody knows everybody, it's kind of funny.


I'm Doug.

Everybody in Canada knows me.