Injection Molded Training Gear



What is Shocktek?
Shocktek™ is our polyurethane injection-molded line of martial arts sparring gear. This line currently includes footgear, sparring chops, shin guards and chest/rib guards.

Has Shocktek been tested against convential products?
Shocktek™ products have been tested against three leading competitors. A prestigious non-profit laboratory, verified the supremacy of Shocktek™ over the industry. The astonishing results are as follows:

•Shocktek™ absorbed far more impact
•Shocktek™ dramatically reduced acceleration of an object
•Shocktek™ withstood far more load than the competition

What is injection-molding technology?
For many years, this technology has been used in thousands of applications, including automobile components, plastic kitchenware and toy manufacturing. Now, after fifteen years of extensive research, we have adapted this technology to mold polyurethane foam into martial arts and boxing equipment.

Lets face it, 12 inches of foam surrounding you may maximize protection, BUT it would diminish your freedom of movement. Hence, the key is to develop a product that provides the ideal balance of protection and freedom of movement.

Using polyurethane with this technology allows us to control the specific densities required for each product based on its application. It also provides the capability to custom contour specific shapes with varing amounts of padding in different areas within a single piece.

While providing a sleek custom fit, molded polyurethane products offer superior protection and maximized mobility.

Are any other Tigear products injection-molded?
Besides our Shocktekl™ line, we offer other injection-molded gear, including our boxing gloves in 10, 12, 14 and 16 oz. models. Our intention is to extend the use of this technology to the manufacture of any product that will benefit from the upgrade.


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