Injury advice

About 6 weeks ago, I took the back of a wrestler who out weighed me by maybe 30 pounds.As I started to sink the rear naked choke, he flopped up and backwards landing me on the back top of my shoulder with his weight on top. I was able to finish the submission, but 60 seconds later I coulnd't even raise my arm. Within three minutes, I could tie my own shoes. By day three I couldn't bath with my right arm. The top of the shoulder was sore to the touch with severe bruising (Purple, Green, Red and Blue). Additionallly I gathered a large pocket of blood down at the bottom of my right nipple and below. Pretty nasty looking if you as me. I felt gold thatthe injury seemed to be healing quickly, but in the last 3 weeks I have hit a wall. I have a lot of pain if I pull like in a barbell curl or if I throw an overhand right. ANything at parallel is painful. I have a crnching feeling and popping sound in my shoulder. Lastly my shoulder now has a deformit. The fron deltoid seems to protrude forward more on the injured side and their is a very pronounce hump on the top of the shoulder where the trapezius muscle would connect. I had a shot of cortisone put it, but it didn't help. I can train but the pain is an annoyance. I'm afraid I will make the situation worse.

Has anyone seen this type of injury? WHat advise could you give me. It is really screwing with my mind by not making me train. Am I okay to train or is this something I can really f--k up?

Your expert opinions will be appreciated.

What does your doctor say it is?

Sounds like herpes.

I am with Evilmaster; what did the doctor say?

you probably seperated the acromium process and may have rotator cuff damage as well.

The crunch is possibly from the broken cartiladge in the seperation.


Tons of fun, I got my shoulder destroyed at Naga this summer.

12 weeks of physical therapy and now it has been about 6 months and it still hurts a lot.

You need to see a sports medicine nuerologist and get some x-rays and an MRI to determine the extent of the damage.

Sounds like you blew out you knee?? Go see a doctor!

Thanks for the input as requested pgreen29. My doctor doesn't train BJJ/MMA nor do any of his other patients. That's why I was hoping to get glean from the knowledge of those who do train. But since you asked EM... my doctor says without an MRI, a "diagnosis" and subsequent prognosis would be speculative at best. He put some cortico-steroid in to the shoulder joint and around the acromium process. Said possibilities range from torn rotator cuff to detached trapezius.

Thanks again for the input.

You might want to consult an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulders. But beware of one who basically only works on old people. They just want pain relief and not restoration of ultimate performance. Find someone who works with athletes.

I am not a doctor, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night and I would go see a doctor.