Inoki challenges Royce or Akebono

Antonio Inoki has issued a challenge for an MMA match against the winner of the Royce Gracie Akebono match.

And he's serious. Check the link below from Sports Navi for further details. Needs to be translated. A couple pics of him "rolling". He's 61 years old.

Royce would have to be VERY careful of the Inoki slap. That shit would sting like a motherfucker.

The guys a legend in Japan. If he wants to fight Royce would be a good one. I don't think Royce would want to hurt him to bad. Somebody like Silva might kill him. Silva would probably be cool about it though.

I would love to see a Inoki VS Rickson

If they had 500,000 seats to sell, they would sell every single one of them.

This would be the BIGGEST sporting event of any kind ever held anywhere on earth.

Inoki's a pimp.

Some guys will think this to be bullshit, but I kid you not. The Japanese people will PAY alot of money for this fight. You would be a fool not to take this fight for all the money it would put in your pocket.

what the hell, I would like to see it too-and the olod fart may even stand a chance against Akebono, who truly sucks. that would necessitate Royce losing to the big dope though, which of course is not going to happen.

is that a HGH chin?


Anyway, I wonder how good Inoki actually is.
I mean he has a good back-up team in Brazil, with Wallid and co.

He is truely a pimp though, the only guy who is famous for, and gets away with using his pimp-hand on TV.

LOL @ the end of last years Bom-ba-ye when the women and children got in the ring to be slapped - you thought he may go lighter on them.
But, NO - he gave it to them with the same force he used on the heavyweight pro-fighters - HA!

The Mo Fo fricken parachuted into Pride one time.

Big up Inoki!