Inoue-Van Der Geest

Wow... Vandergeest just threw Inoue twice for yukos with counters. With less than a minute left Inoue throws with uchimata and scores a yuko of his own. 25 seconds left...

Oh my lord... with 12 seconds left... and the announcers bitching about how Vandergeest was going to run around and waste time, he unloads a HUGE rolling seoi and wins by ippon!!! I never thought I'd see Inoue lose like that this time around... he lost by two yukos and ultimately an ippon.

TTT for Vandergeest!

I got a lot of shit on this forum a few months ago by saying that Inoue is certainly not the best judo player ever. And that Nastula was just as good in the 90's with his 350 match and almost 4 year winning streak! I feel vindicated!!

By the way, this is Elco VanderGeest, to date the less successful brother of the +100kg Vandergeest.

Well, I would have been surprised if Nastula lost this badly as well. Happy? =)

To be fair, Vandergeest should have gotten some penalties for just doing sumi gaeshi over and over at one point... basically flopping. His counters were great though and that final throw was just sweet... looked like Inoue might block it but than the drive was just huge.

The Korean just beat Zeevi which is a surprise since Zeevi was fighting well up to that point.

What a crazy Semi's. So far Kovacs, Zeevi, Gill, and Inoue have been eliminated.

2 out of the 4 remaining are the Korean and Elco VanderGeest.

Makarau and Jurack are the other 2 in the semi's.

Let's see how good Inoue is. If he loses in the repechages then it's going to be the biggest surprise in the judo world.