Inside a REAL Kumite!!

Check out my latest feature article for the new HDNET website.

I take you to a place and an event that very few if any Western media get access to... a REAL kumite in Tokyo.


"The Voice" Michael Schiavello

WTF is a kumite!? Phone Post

Read the fucking article. Thanks for the video/article Schiavello. The amount of mental and physical endurance required for that is staggering. Dude was literally fighting longer than the run time of Inception. Thanks again.

Also, could you ask Overeem whether he considers himself British or Dutch next time you talk to him? Thanks.

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Awkward.. Phone Post

painbringer666 - the guys he was "fighting" weren't really trying to finish him

nevertheless it was a great test of endurance

 Dude you have no idea... Japanese don't treat gaijin very kindly during this kind of thing. They were going extremely hard to try and knock him out.

"The Voice" Michael Schiavello

great article. amazing accomplishment. 

 That was awesome/ridiculous

fucking awesome article, thanks Schiavello

Nice, TTT Phone Post

The Big Lebansky -  WTF is a kumite!? Phone Post



 Very cool