Inside Martial Arts (VID TEST)

As in my other thread, I would again like to thank one of my sponsors, "Inside Martial Arts" for generously giving last weekends event a plug on their website!

I'd like to share their work with everyone! I hope this works!!!!

<script language="javascript" src=";&gt;&lt;/script&gt;&lt;script language='javascript'>var api = VE_getCustomPlayerAPI('1.0');api.embedPlayer('/gid328/cid1096/AQ/XF/1182270685hKNpUV7Zj8bfuVgUmgPs', 350, 330, false, '', 'videoegg', false, '', '');</script>

CRAP! It's not working....

Can anyone tell what's wrong with the code that's displayed?

pokes at it Is that all the code?

That's what I was provided with....



Not bad!

The coding I'm trying to fix is how to embed the player, though....

Yeah, I don't know how to embed flash.