'Inside MMA' Show (5/9)

‘Inside MMA’ Show (5/9)

May 9th, 2009 by Dino Kostakio 

Kenny Rice and Bas Rutten are joined in the studio by a pair of middleweights, Jason “Mayhem” Miller and Patrick Cote. Ron Kruck has the latest in MMA news and also an interview with heavyweight Bobby Lashley.


I love this show.

 Normally I would agree, man, but there's no way for me (or for a lot of people) to see this show because my cable provider doesn't have HDNet. :(

"Thank you for your interest in HDNet. Unfortunately, Cablevision Systems does not carry HDNet."

 i tried to get the hd........... mtns too steep apparently, can't be done at my location.

thanks kos!

Bas and Mayhem in the same room = comedy gold.

for laters

Yea my Cox Communications can not get HDNET as well; fortunately my Bro has Direct TV and the HDNET Fight package so it is all good.

funny how Mayhem called most mma fans whinny bitches...lol so true, case in point "Monster Ball"