inside trip set ups...

What are some good set ups for the inside trip?

Join a wrestling club, they'll show you everything you need to know.

A judo club will probably be better for trips and footsweep setups.

circle circle circle... then inside trip that's like the most basic setup that you can use. experiment... there are no etched in stone setups- everyone has their own that they develop/adapt. You can modify that circle circle into anything you want..

or you can use setups like you try an uchi mata then you hit the inside trip. combo your shit up!

A simple combination is to go for osoto-gari on one side, then when he withdraws that leg, do ouchi-gari/inside trip to the other. This was one of Yasuhiro Yamashita's tokuiwaza and works very well for me. I like inside trips a lot.

i do it from the Over/Under Clinch and can hit it pretty well from there. just use your underhook to pull him towards you trip that same side.

its the way Dennis Hall and Couture show how to do it. love it!