Instinct (vid)

Just saw this and I got a kick out of it. Fight or flight reaction.

lol. Yeah, wrong guy to try and scare, that was a real reaction too not a guy tring to pretend he'd react that way. Nicely thrown punch that landed right on the jaw!




LOL, that was awesome


nicely thrown punch.  get him on TUF 37

"Is it real?"

I'd say it is, the look on the guys face after decking the guy in the mask seems pretty genuine. Makes me laugh every time.

skeletons are scary, tyrone got scared

Thanks for the link Kanotoa.

lol @ the dude falling back in the trash can and the lid closing

good for him, i try not to take shit from skeletons either.

There's another one like that with a dude pretending to be a fake halloween scarecrow or skeleton sitting in a chair who suddenly comes to life when the trick or treaters get up close.

He does it to the wrong guy who does the exact same thing........a quick straight right and then the sheepish look.