Instructionals fet. Gi chokes???

Just looking for anyones opinon on good instructionals that focus on choking techniques with the Gi.


I would say any of the ones that Jor Morreria is in. But don't get them all they seem to all be littered with tons of overlap almost 90% overlap. BUT, with that said a great DVD set on Gi chokes none the less. If you are looking for ones from every position get the Jens they have a whole set of it. If you are looking for the general gist and are looking to save money get the Roy Harris ones with Joe.

"Ultimate Gi Chokes" with Joe Moreria and Michael Jen is a very good place to start. The two DVDs cover techniques from the closed guard, open guard and back positions. JM demonstrates while MJ provides the instruction.


Gi chokes from top bottom side or all?

I agree with the Mike Jen Ultimate gi chokes set. They're very good.

I liked Gustavo Machado's choke DVD, but Moreria and Jen probably go into the mechanics more.

I didn't know Gustavo Machado had a choke DVD. Where is it sold?

Joe has a new one out also, as part of the "Attacking Guard" set.

Click HERE for more info and the preview clip!

Adam LaClair

I have always been curious about Batata's loop choke series from Domino D producions. Its only on VHS, so havent been that interested in purchasing it.

Sorry, I meant Gustavo DANTES. Whoops.

Batata's loop choke tapes are okay if you REALLY want to get into the loop choke, but after the tenth varation of "Okay, now he's trying to single leg me and I get the grip..." you realize that if you just understand the basics of setting up and finishing the loops choke, you'll be able to figure out most of the setups he shows on your own.

I also thought Gustavo Dantas showed some solid stuff and taught it well.

Great guy thanks for all the info... I am looking for info from all positions, and was looking at the Jens dvd, I just have never heard of him before and am always worried about throwing good money down on things/people that I don't have experence on. I have also been driected to anything with Master Joe Morreria in it so I thought I'd ask.

Loop chokes are becoming a big part of my game. I would like to get the Batata series, but it's way too expensive. Especially for VHS.

gi chokes are SO important in the gi game. I'm glad there's some interest in it. It truly opens everything up.

I have Joe/Jen's gi set. In fact, I've been watching the two guard volumes as of late to really nail my gi chokes down. The truth is, the material on these two tapes should keep you busy for a very very very long time. but I think with careful practice & developing a feel for the techniques will be worthwhile.

The closed guard volume is excellent. It covers about a dozen chokes. There is definately great flow to the techniques & Jen really explains the fine details. Ex: proper wrist placement, mechanics, hip scoot, & foot placement.

If you ever watch Margarida grapple back in his glory days you'll see that the first combination shown in this tape is almost exactly what he does in every match. Particularly his match against Fabio Gurgel.

If you wanted loop choke, the 2nd Joe Moreira volume is all about the loop choke. Shows some great roll through techniques for when an opponent passes while you're going for the loop choke.

If anything, the 8 or so posture breaking techniques in the first volume makes this set worth the price.

I have heard what Aesopian wrote--that Batata's tape is stuff you can figure out yourself if you have seen the loop choke EVER--from someone I asked for a review. I have not seen it myself.

I have seen the Roy Harris-Joe Moreira collar chokes tape, and I like it as a basic primer. I hear that when the VHS stock runs out, Roy will no longer be selling this tape.

I also bought the Mike Jen-Joe Moreira set and liked it a LOT. I am looking forward to working those combinations a bit more in depth. Anyone looking for a very expansive set on collar chokes will see a great variety of attacks here.

I have only seen the promo clip from Joe's new solo series, but imagine that it is also probably good. The chokes in Joe's new book (The Guard) were solid.



i agree completely Ultimate Gi Chokes by Prof. Joe and Michael Jen is the shit. master the series of attacks on this set, and for sure you will be choking your classmates out left and right. it covers attacks (in sequence you attack, he defends, you attack, etc) from th closed and open guard, as well as back with and w/o hooks in. it is a great dvd set and i watch it often (but i train almost exclusively with the gi).

michael's website has an awesome clip of it. anybody interested, plz shoot me an email at if you are interested in an unannounced special...