Interesting and long Karo Parisyan interview

(Karo's interview starts at 36:00)

I started out in martial arts as a typical BJJ guy watching UFC. Karo is a huge reason I decided to start doing judo.

Talks about a lot of stuff in this interview:

* panic attacks
* his pain killer abuse (which he differentiates from addiction)
* the Nate Diaz incident
* Frank Mir being a "backstabber"
* making a comeback
* how he got started in judo/MMA
* UFC fighters crying backstage before fights
* Givng Diego "frequent flier miles all over the cage"
* his leg injury that continues to affect him

Around 1:02 he starts talking about his fight with Dong Hyun Kim and throwing him "like a baby."

He says that Kim was a judo Olympian which I don't think is quite accurate; Kim did, however, attend the best university for judo in South Korea.

On throwing Koreans:

"I just threw him and then I just laid on top of him, bro. You know how that is to a Korean? It's like cussing their mother out."

I watched his most recent fight with Thomas Denny; couldn't finish Denny though he did win via decision. Not sure if he's quite on his way back to the UFC. Still one of my favorite fighters, though.

nice - thanks!

lol at giving "frequent flier miles"

Ouch, just saw that Karo got guillotined in the first round of his fight against John Gunderson. Hard to see him struggle like this.

I really like Karo. Shame to see him lose another. Can you upload fight? With his Hamstring problems I just don't see him being the same fighter as he was. Real shame though. He should write a book he has a lot of story's to tell. Wasn't his first mma fight against a man when he was 14 or something. Phone Post

Link didn't work? Phone Post

I haven't found any links of the fight against Gunderson. I think it just happened earlier tonight. Here's a written description:

Sounds like Karo got cracked with a knee pretty brutally.

Nice one ;-) Phone Post

I saw Karo fight at the US judo Nationals in Cleveland when he was a teenager. Gokor was his coach. I rememebr him fighting for Bronze, can't remember how he did. Not sure why he didn't stick with his judo.

Wanted to earn some good money. Phone Post

Great fighter!

Nice Phone Post