Interesting info regarding UFC 137 presser

This is quoted from Wade Keller @ MMA Torch.

"One item lost in the disappointment and head-scratching regarding Nick Diaz was Dana White saying at the press conference today he only scheduled Nick Diaz for a title shot against GSP because the fans wanted it. He said he would have given the shot to Carlos Condit if he was to give the fight to the most deserving.

Should the fight promoter really be saying he is giving a less deserving fighter a title shot over a more formidable, deserving opponent?

I understand UFC is a business and the goal - behind the scenes - is to schedule and manipulate within certain creative freedom in this sport the most marketable fights. MMA, in that sense, is not pure sport (although is there such a thing as pure sport, really?)"

Is it possible that Nick Diaz was made aware of this and felt disrespected by the UFC, leading to his blow-off the the pressers?

Nick Diaz- Man of Principle?