Interesting Pic...Tito/Chuck


Look at the difference in stare down pics...In the first fight they were 3 feet away and chuck was smiling and Tito looked pissed.  In this fights stare down pic it was Tito that is Smiling and Chuck who looks pissed...Kinda weird, maybe Tito really is confident this time around..we''ll see tonight boys.

oh and check out Dana's


Chuck didn't have his shoes on and Tito-did-I did notice this -f you review the weigh-in you see Tito putting on his sneakers and Chuck bearly had time to put his pants on-

Chuck via TKO-in the third-

Tito's head is huuge.

I think the point was that their chins were level but Tito tops about a few inches over Chuck anyway. That is a mother big noggin!

I love how people rang on Tito's head and Dana's salad, etc... it seems like too many of you watch the sport to critique how hot the guys are?

Don't forget the people who "rang" on Chuck's gut.

The stakes are higher for the defending champ, that's why the roles are reversed this time. Whoever has the belt risks loosing it, the challenger is relaxed because he can only win.

lol @ underhill

Tito's head is twice the size of Chuck's. That's a huge target for Chuck.

I'm sure its just the picture, but doesn't Chuck look a little scrawny in this pic? Even compared to the other. This looks like a HW vs. a WW pic.

Tito couldn't take Forrest down, do you really think he's going to take Chuck down? That's his only chance, ain't gonna happen. Chuck by KO again.

"Tito couldn't take Forrest down"

That's not entirely true. And when I say entirely, I mean its not true at all.

I love how their shoulders and chins are about level, yet Tito's massive head makes him about 2 inches taller than Chuck.

Tito's melon is 1.8 X the size of Chucks!!!

Tito, listen to me, this is how you will beat Chuck...

Once the fight starts, just put your head down and let him punch it. There's no way he'll do any damage, instead, he'll just break both his hands trying.

Once that happens, he's yours! Simple! Take advantage of your abnormally large head.

I made this thread not to show how big Tito's head is(we already know that).  i made it to show the different demeanor between the two in the two fights.


Oh and Tito is wearing shoes..they are the same height


"Tito couldn't take Forrest down"
That's not entirely true. And when I say entirely, I mean its not true at all."

fabes you are right most of the time,1 for 8 is not that good enough.