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Are there any professional fighters out there that stick to a vegetarian diet? Or even a vegan diet? If so, does it threaten your performance in any way? I'm trying to decide whether I should give it up or not. Thanks

Isn't the Gracie diet vegetarian?

That's pretty cool about shields, I can't picture him though. He's not a flyweight or something like that is he? Part of the reason I'm asking is my need to gain weight.

"Or even a vegan diet?"

What is that?

A guy I fought once was a vegetarian. I do not know but I guess they can get enough proteins from soy and stuff. For the record; I eat meat all the time.

A vegan diet allows no consumption of animal products at all. (Dairy, eggs, honey etc)

The kind of diet I've been on for the last little while.

The human body is more setup to eat meat than vegetables. We can't digest a large amount of vegetable matter, hence it "cleaning" us out. While steaks get fully digested.

I knew a few vegans/vegetarians in high school, only one of them did anythign remotely close to an active lifestyle (most were couch potatoes, but thin as hell), the one that tried to lead an active life, had to take massive vitamin and supplement shakes just to get through the day.

Any type of extreme diet leaves your body wanting something, and isn't particularly healthy. If you find yourself taking a lot of vitamins, protein shakes etc, and you aren't trying to gain weight, you need to reevaluate your diet.

how can one function on just a veggie diet especially when your over at least 190 pounds and workout and a daily basis? Wouldnt one feel week and fatique by not gettin the right amount of protien sources?

I know there are plenty of elite bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes of all kind who are vegetarian and some vegan. It's definitely possible and if you do it right won't be a problem; it's just that obviously it requires more dedication and a little more attention than a typical diet to make sure you're getting everything you need.

Wasn't Arnold a vegan in his Mr. Universe days? While not quite the same, it lends some crededence that it could be possible.
I could never do it, but I think it would be a feasible option.

chocolate dieter running thru thread

protien is not one thing. It's amino acids that are absorbed by the body, protein has to be broken down first in order to extract the amino acids.
Fruits, vegetables and grains provide all of the essential nutrients and amino acids that are needed for the body to grow, but the only probelm is, one has to eat a wide variety of foods to get everything. As well, you have to eat a lot of it.

Has Jake always eaten that way, or is it a recent change?



pigdog is correct, I think you would have to "calculate" what you eat.


Tim Lajcik also sticks to a vegan diet.

Frank Trigg is a vegatarian

Randy Couture's diet is basically a vegetarian diet.

"Randy Couture's diet is basically a vegetarian diet"

Doesn't he eat a lot of fish ?